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TruTrade™: Fast Facts


What is it?

  • TruTrade™ captures over 15 billion anonymous signals from mobile devices each day.
  • With TruTrade™ you can understand the shoppers coming to any shopping center or location – even competitors.
  • Tracking mobile signals outside your center can be used to map your trade area, measure your centers market penetration and – for the first time – determine the trade area and market penetration of competitors and peers.


 What information can you obtain?

  • Key Shopper Demographics including:
    • Age
    • Household income levels
    • Whether or not there are children in the household
    • Ethnicity
    • Education etc.
  • The locations of where shoppers come from – based on where the mobile device has resided overnight in the past 30 days and excluding mall workers
  • The duration (dwell time) at the center and at competitors.


How can you use it?

  • TruTrade™ helps Leasing, Operations, Marketing and Development
    • Define your trade area
    • Define your competitors’ trade areas
    • Set strategy for the center
    • Create compelling leasing tools
    • Create meaningful marketing tools