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CityPlace – Leasing Support and Overall Guidance for a Tourist Havencityplace-pic

Situation: The CityPlace shopping center located in West Palm Beach, Florida sought to understand the best approaches to bringing in new tenants that would appeal to their target markets as well as understand the overall attitudes and habits of CityPlace shoppers.

Analysis: Alexander Babbage developed a survey that would highlight both the opinions of CityPlace shoppers on the center as a whole and what would draw them to increase their visitation to the center. A shopper intercept study of 400 CityPlace shoppers was conducted on site at CityPlace.

Result: Alexander Babbage’s research provided CityPlace with the in-depth knowledge of their visitors’ feelings on the center and what would make them more inclined to visit CityPlace more often. This research allowed CityPlace to not only market themselves appropriately to possible visitors, but to possible tenants as well in order to maximize their appeal to the people in the Palm Beach area.