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Elevation Burger – How do we Elevate our Brand and Guest Experience?


Situation: Elevation Burger, a burger restaurant focused on offering authentic and sustainably prepared food that’s better for you and the environment, needed to determine how well its brand was positioned and whether its core promise was resonating among guests.

Analysis: Alexander Babbage conducted focus groups among Elevation Burger customers and non-customers, in-store intercept interviews among diners, and a market study within Elevation Burger’s trade areas. The focus groups allowed for articulation of Elevation Burger’s brand promise, while the intercept interviews profiled the guest and measured their experience, and the market study quantified Elevation Burger’s position in its markets.

Result: Elevation Burger has been able to prioritize on building awareness of its brand in specific markets, as well as now understanding which core brand attributes to grow. Further, it has been able to understand which guests it should focus on moving forward in order to gain the most leverage from its unique brand.