Alexander Babbage » High Museum of Art Frida and Diego

High Museum of Art – Frida & Diego Exhibition Study 


Situation:  The High Museum of Art wanted to determine the audience characteristics, experience, attitudes, perception and related behavior of visitors attending the Frida & Diego: Passion, Politics & Painting exhibition.

Analysis:  Alexander Babbage designed and executed a research study that included visitor intercept interviews and ticket sales analysis compared to prior exhibitions.  Over 300 visitors were interviewed about their experience, with topics such as visitor demographics, reasons for visiting, satisfaction with the overall experience, as well as the informational and presentation elements of the exhibition itself, willingness to recommend the museum and advertising effectiveness.

Result:  The High was able to show that it increased visitation among target attendees by 415% over its exhibition average, providing quantifiable evidence that community outreach efforts were successful in reaching and attracting this demographic.  The museum was also able to measure and demonstrate success in attracting younger audiences to the exhibition, which represents a critical area of focus for working with corporate donors.