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CenterMAX is used by marketing, leasing and development to set business strategies for shopping centers.  Designed and honed over 30 years of shopping center research, CenterMAX provides shopper intelligence that makes the complexities of reaching your retail shopper simple to understand. It combines intercept and trade area analysis to answer:

  • Who are my shoppers and how do the shop my center?
  • Why do trade area residents shop my center and why do they shop the competition?
  • What is my center’s share of shopping visits?
  • What would inspire shoppers to spend more?
  • Who isn’t shopping and why?
  • How can I attract more shoppers?
  • Which retailers are most appropriate for my center?
  • What are the ideal development opportunities for my center?
  • How do I market my property to generate ancillary income?

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Did you realize that less than 20% of the U.S. population accounts for nearly half of all retail spending?  SpendR is a proprietary tool that allows you to identify and target not only those shoppers who have the ability to spend, but also shoppers that actually spend.  It places every individual in the U.S. into one of five SpendR segments based on their shopping expenditure.  Shopping centers and retailers use SpendR to help determine site selection, reach the top spending shoppers and convert non-shoppers with precise direct mail and email marketing campaigns. SpendR helps you determine:

  • Where do my most productive customers live and what are they buying?
  • Where are my best potential customers?
  • Who should I target with direct mail, email or online advertising?
  • How do I compare with my competition?

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Shopping Center Social Media Performance Report

This customized report is a vital tool for planning and fine-tuning social media strategy. It analyzes your shopping center’s specific social media performance, and delivers extensive metrics and a deep analysis of social media effectiveness at the individual center level. Each center-specific report analyzes all social networks used by your center and includes:

  • At-a-glance analysis on social media channels  – which are working, which need improvement and which are irrelevant?
  • Analysis of social conversations and postings that flow over the Internet.
  • Specific types of posts and messages that are resonating and those with less impact.
  • The most effective content for driving traffic to your physical location.
  • Optimal days/times of day to communicate with your best shoppers.
  • Comparisons to the average performance of the 200 top-performing shopping centers, comparable center types (super-regional, regional, lifestyle, mixed-use, etc.) and competitive (local market) shopping centers.

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