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Westchester’s Ridge Hill – Providing Clarity on the Consumer and their Spending Habitsridge-hill-pic

SituationWestchester’s Ridge Hill shopping center in Yonkers, NY outside of New York City wanted to understand who was their shopper and how they competed for trade area shoppers relative to their competitors.

Analysis:  Alexander Babbage provided an analysis of the Westchester’s Ridge Hill area to define and segment the spending habits of the consumers.  Through analysis of the population, Alexander Babbage segmented high-potential consumers to target – those households with both the ability and propensity to spend.

Result:  The SpendR analysis of Westchester County residents provided Westchester’s Ridge Hill with an in-depth understanding of the consumer habits within a 7-mile radius and a 10-minute drive time of the center.  These results granted Westchester’s Ridge Hill the opportunity to focus on the most productive shoppers in their trade area