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Quantifying the Unique Appeal of Westside Provisions Districtwestside-pic

Situation:  Jamestown wanted to more deeply understand who was shopping and dining at Westside Provisions District – not only their demographic profile, but also their likes, dislikes and preferences.  In understanding who is on property – and why they are there – the Jamestown team can make quantified go-forward decisions on key leasing, marketing, operations and development initiatives.

Analysis:  The shopper intercept study conducted in May 2015 yielded a strong set of talking points enabling the leasing team to quantify the property’s strength as a preferred dining destination that is strongly augmented by a unique atmosphere and strong women’s apparel offerings.  The study also revealed an opportunity to add additional local brands at somewhat higher points to the current mix – but results also underscored the need for Westside Provisions District to focus on unique retail choices in a broad range of price points.

Result:  Leasing and marketing have core metrics for targeting retailers and shoppers.  Since the study, custom leasing presentations have been prepared to support an upcoming meeting with Sur la Table.