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The quality of the art or performance is the most important aspect of any arts experience, but you also have to break through the many options competing for your patrons’ limited free time. We can help you answer:

  • Who are my ticket buyers?
  • Why do they buy?
  • Why do my members/subscribers join?
  • What do my patrons think of their experience?
  • Where do my patrons live?
  • What else do they do?
  • How do I make my marketing more effective?
  • How can I find new patrons and  reach them effectively?
  • How can I turn ticket buyers into members/subscribers?
  • What do patrons think about the exhibitions or programs I am considering?


Alexander Babbage is the leader in integrated patron insight. We help you increase attendance and grow earned revenue. We work with you to bring efficient, innovative approaches that help you understand and build loyalty among your patrons, identify potential new patrons within your unique market geography and use your limited programming and advertising dollars more effectively.

Selected Services
  • Visitor and patron satisfaction and experience tracking
  • Exhibition concept testing
  • Local market benchmarking and competitive analysis
  • Lapsed patron and member analysis
  • Market overview – mapping and analysis for ticket buyers and members
  • High potential ZIP codes/geographies
  • Sponsorship impact and awareness


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Photo: Timothy Hursley