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With the rapid growth of standalone emergency rooms and urgent care clinics, proper site selection and brand positioning make the difference between a tremendous success or a definitive failure.  You need a partner with retail experience to help you answer:

  • What are the drivers of sales performance in my facility?
  • What are the population demographics in my service area?
  • What is my market penetration and trade area by location?
  • Why are some of my facilities performing better than others?
  • Who is using my facility? Who isn’t? Why?
  • Where should my facilities be located for optimal performance?
  • Where should I expand locally, regionally, or nationally?
  • How do I spend my marketing resources most effectively?


We can help you build a complete picture of your patients, competitive sets and cannibalization risks.  Once we have a picture of your patients, we can provide you with counts of the addressable population in your trade area. We can also identify the ideal target market and help execute precisely targeted email and direct mail campaigns to drive awareness and usage.

Selected Services
  • Brand Evaluation
  • Expansion Strategy
  • Site Selection