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Major League Sports

For many fans, going to a sporting event is much more than love of the team or the sport. You need a partner who understands that many things beyond team performance drive your ticket revenue – a partner who can help you build a sales and marketing strategy that delivers a win every time. We will help you answer:

  • Who are my most valuable fans?
  • What do they like/dislike about their experience?
  • What is the lifetime value of a fan?
  • How do I segment my fan base?
  • How can I get fans to come more often?
  • How can I bring in more occasional fans?
  • How do I price my tickets to generate more revenue?
  • Which events or sales promotions are best for each fan segment?
  • Who are the right sponsors for my venue?


With the answers to these questions, not only will you reach each audience segment more effectively, you will also be able to attract sponsors who will bring more to your bottom line business.

Selected Services
  • Attendee profile studies
  • Fan experience measurement
  • Fan segmentation
  • Ticket buyer and season ticket holder media consumption
  • Market overview – mapping and analysis for ticket buyers and season ticket holders
  • Advertising tracking
  • Season ticket holder satisfaction and experience
  • Sponsorship impact and awareness
  • Special event experience measurement