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In this highly competitive industry, you need to set your restaurant apart from all the other options available to your prospective customers. We can help you learn more about your customers, analyze your point-of-sale data and help you with new product development, product testing and price sensitivity modeling so you can answer:

  • Who makes up my core customer base?
  • Where do they come from?
  • How far do they travel?
  • How often do they dine with me?
  • How often do they dine with my competitors?
  • Who is my ideal prospective customer?
  • What do they want from their experience?
  • How well does that match my concept?
  • What promotions are the most effective?
  • How do I maximize my marketing dollars?


We will build a complete picture of your customer base to drive average unit volume, frequency and average check.  Do you have an expansion strategy?  We will help you assess locations for highest profit potential.

Selected Services
  • Brand awareness, awareness/perception and usage (often called AAU)
  • Brand equity
  • Customer segmentation
  • New product development
  • Price elasticity analysis
  • Advertising tracking
  • Offer and promotion testing
  • Site selection


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