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Today’s retailers need to know much more than basic demographics about their shoppers.  You need to know why customers are shopping so you can target them more efficiently.  We combine custom research solutions with loyalty and point-of-sale data analysis to provide you a complete customer segmentation.  We help you find out:

  • Who shops at my store and why?
  • How do I segment my customer base?
  • Who are my most profitable shoppers?
  • How do I find more?
  • Who are my brand advocates and how do I cultivate more?
  • Who is not shopping and what changes can I make to gain more shoppers?
  • Why are some stores are performing better than others?
  • What is my market share?
  • Am I losing or gaining sales from competitors?
  • How do I prioritize investments in merchandise, price reductions or associate training?
  • What is the best marketing mix for my specific geography and shopper segments?


With the answers to these questions, you will be able to improve your marketing efficiency and drive sales per store. We also study more than 50,000 shoppers annually, and from these we benchmark and identify important retail trends.

Selected Services
  • Brand awareness, attitude/perception and usage (often called AAU)
  • Customer segmentation
  • Customer demographics and psychographics
  • Retail concept testing
  • Retail experience measurement
  • Lapsed shopper insights
  • Site expansion
  • Store performance assessment