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Shopping Centers

As the premier market research partner for the shopping center industry, we have led the study of shoppers through the evolution of regional malls, lifestyle centers, power centers, e-commerce and experiential retailing. Our client tailored service, proprietary research tools (SpendR™, CenterMAX™, and TruTrade Area™) and industry reports (Social Media Performance Report) will answer your most pressing questions:

  • How can I grow my center’s overall sales?
  • Who are my shoppers?
  • What do shoppers like/dislike about my center?
  • How do I best segment and target shoppers?
  • How do I improve loyalty?
  • Who is not shopping?
  • How can I gain more shoppers?
  • What is the best marketing mix for my specific geography and shopper mix?
  • What is the role and return on investment for social media and how should it fit into my overall marketing mix?
  • Who are the most in-demand retailers and best tenants for my specific trade area?
  • How do I make a compelling case for tenants to choose my center?

With the answers to these questions, you will be able to improve your marketing efficiency, drive sales to your stores, and attract sponsors. We also study more than 50,000 shoppers annually, and from these we benchmark and identify important trends.

Selected Services
  • Trade area definition and penetration
  • Shopper demographic profile
  • Shopper experience measurement
  • Shopper segmentation
  • Shopper and email database analysis
  • Market share analysis
  • Performance assessment and competition
  • Market segmentation by spending ability and propensity (SpendR™ segmentation)
  • Market psychographic segmentation


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