We make the complex, clear.

The world is awash with data and dashboards.  When you have the luxury of time it’s fun to see all the ways data can be manipulated to answer the “what if” questions.  But then reality hits in and you’re on deadline to prepare a recommendation that will achieve a result.  Where do you turn?

For decades we have designed analytics and used data to impact outcomes. Whether it’s influencing the state government to pass legislation, helping locate a major new mixed-use project, planning store expansion for a fast-growth chain, improving organizational effectiveness, revitalizing a brand or closing a difficult lease deal we know it takes more than a pretty dashboard.

We’ve seen new-to-market tech and data companies come and go as they try to serve the requirements of venture investors – while sacrificing the needs of their bill-paying clients.

At Alexander Babbage, we serve our clients daily – with more than just data. We put data to work by providing strategy, insights, customized analysis, sales tools and processes to achieve real-world business objectives. That’s why we are the industry leader. You can ask any of our clients. And you can ask us about your specific situation and listen to how we solve problems and turn opportunities into action.


We apply our deep knowledge of destinations, visitor behaviors, experiences and consumer trends to quantify where you are now and help set a path for where you want to - and realistically can - go. We know it takes a lot to provide actionable strategies that impact revenues, expense and growth


We combine large data analytics, geo-spatial databases, massive mobile data and proprietary technology to help design, execute and utilize analytics to help you identify and understand core audiences, impact consumer behavior and increase customer loyalty.


We are experts in destinations and all the complexity it takes to operate them successfully. Our specialized knowledge, coupled with cross-industry expertise help you see outside your industry “box.”


We work with your team as a partner. Your success is our goal. Our workflow is tailored to your needs. Just want a single snapshot of your property? “Yes.” Need dwell time as a KPI for your BI platform? “Yes.” Need to brainstorm ways to combine data to answer a question that’s never been asked? “Yes, how about we…”


Our expertise comes from more than 30 years of analytics experience working in a variety of client and agency businesses.


We will exceed your expectations every time, which is why our incredible growth has come from word-of-mouth referrals and loyal, long-term clients. We would love for you to join them.

TruTrade observes over 120 million mobile devices in the US.   Each device provides anonymous location information about where that device is seen over time.  We take that data and curate it to provide geo-spatial analytics about your visitor, who they are, where they live, where else they go.  TruTrade provides more than a snapshot in time, it delivers an accurate, trend data set to help you understand and make decisions about your property, operations, marketing and management.

TruTrade® Can Tell You...

Who visits your destination and who does not?
Where do you compete strongly with your competitors and where is there opportunity?
Which geographies should you target with geo-targeted media in order to increase your penetration into productive ZIP codes?
Which retailer should I add a retailer to my property - and how will it cannibalize other locations?
Where are people concentrated in my property and how is that changing with new initiatives?
How can I attract new visitors?
What are the key metrics I must pay attention to and how are they changing over time?
How do I measure the impact of events and other investments we are making?



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