Focus Groups and Ethnographic Research for Shopping Centers

  • „In-depth insights into shoppers and non-shoppers.
  • „Studies are carefully designed to understand attitudes, feelings, beliefs, experiences and reactions in an in-depth way that is not possible through quantitative methods.
  • „Focus Groups consist of 8-10 people in a room with the moderator.
    • „As topics come up, the moderator may probe on those topics or use ideas generated by one person in the group to stimulate reactions from others in the group.  This structured but free-form discussion helps identify hidden motivations, ideas and consumer drivers.
    • „The client can view the discussion from behind a one-way glass mirror and send messages to the moderator.
    • „Topics for the group may include:
      • „Where do you like to shop, why?  What are your favorite restaurants, why?
      • „Which brands are missing from the market?
      • „What types of amenities and services will be core to your experience at the center?
      • „Is there anything you are concerned about when thinking about dining or shopping at the center?
      • „How do you feel about technology and shopping?
  • Ethnographic interviews or shop-alongs provide in-depth insights into a consumer during their shopping experience.
    • An individual shopper is observed in the moment during their visit to the shopping center, which provides the interviewer to observes as well as ask questions based on shopping habits


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Database Analysis and Surveying

  • ?Surveying and mapping your databaseMap my customer
    • ?Quantify database demographics, behaviors and preferences including reasons for visit, visit frequency, expenditures, number of stores visited, store and category preferences, satisfaction with the property and perceptions of the property, etc.
    • ?Using the database email addresses, append the data and identify home addresses, which are then plotted on a map.
    • ?Compare database to the center’s defined trade area to determine if the database is representative of the best shoppers and how to strengthen it.



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Who is not shopping at your center? Why?

CenterMAX™ – Trade Area Study?

  • Arm your leasing team with consumer and market data that will result in more lucrative and powerful meetings with prospective retailers.
  • Knowledgeably answer these key questions:
    • How can we attract more shoppers – and more of “the right” shoppers?
    • What attributes will position our center most strongly and what can we do to differentiate it from the competition?
    • Is our center meeting the needs/wants of the trade area?
  • ?Quantify your shopping center’s competitive strengths and weaknesses, the current shopping frequency of trade area residents and their reasons for visiting your center, and up to nine other competitive locations.
  • Learn which types of media will most effectively reach the productive shoppers in your market.
  • Gain insights into the types of retailers, restaurants, entertainment venues and events that will attract productive shoppers to your center.


Trade Area Study Photo



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Gain a marketing and leasing edge by comparing your center’s geographic and demographic strengths to that of your key competitors.

TruTrade AreaTRU Trade Picture

  • For the first time you can quantify your competitor’s shopper profile.
  • TruTrade Area measures the mobile data traffic of shoppers who come to your center and competitive centers.
  • Gain meaningful insights without conducting shopper intercept surveys or license plate studies.

How TruTrade benefits you and your team:

  • For Development – assess the traffic in proximity to multiple sites based on the current and historic cell phone data to identify optimum development sites.
  • For Leasing – understand which of your competitors draws traffic from desired geographic and demographic locations to inform strategic leasing decisions.
  • For Marketing – use the data from TruTrade to identify areas of strong and weak draw and target communications to desired geographic areas.


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Knowing your shopper is the foundation for making informed leasing, marketing and operations decisions.

CenterMAX™ – Shopper Intercept Study?

  • Be prepared for more lucrative and powerful meetings with prospective retailers and answer the many questions your leasing and marketing teams ponder daily, including:intercepts 2
    • What tenants do we want to attract?
    • What type of events will enhance our center productivity?
    • Which communication tools are most effective?

CenterMAX™ benefits you and your team:

  • Precisely quantify your customer demographics.
  • Identify the price-points and brands that attract the most productive shopper groups.
  • Define a current trade area for the center at the ZIP code level.
  • Identify key reasons for visiting your center – and for visiting competitive centers.
  • Quantify monthly visit frequency.
  • Ascertain expenditures – at store and category level.
  • Quantify the number of stores visited and cross-shopping behaviors.
  • Establish metrics for the property’s amenities and programs.
  • Learn how shoppers perceive the property.
  • Measure traditional and social media recall.
  • Understand social media engagement.


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