Actionable Strategy and Analytics

We are experts in data analysis, consumer insights and strategy. We also know the real world. From retail stores and shopping centers to ballparks, museums, restaurants and banks, we are experts at understanding how customers behave in physical environments.

We use advanced consumer research methods, large dataset analytics and the latest location intelligence techniques to help you understand what motivates your customers. We evaluate the most relevant positioning and messaging so you can influence consumer behavior. We help you find new customers cost-effectively. We visualize your local market so you can quantify and achieve your full market potential. We identify important trends so you have the strategic framework to make the right decisions.

You reap the benefits – increased sales, new customers, increased loyalty and greater share of wallet.


TruTrade – a better way to define your trade area

TruTrade is used for Leasing, Operations, Marketing and Development

Defining your trade area with simple mileage rings is inaccurate and a thing of the past.  With TruTrade, you not only know where your shoppers are coming from, but you also know where else they shop.

In addition to seeing the competition’s trade area, you will know how much of the trade area your center captures and where the areas of strong and weak penetration lie within the trade area.

With all this knowledge you are able to show potential tenants who your customers are and where they are coming from.  TruTrade allows you to empirically prove if you are drawing from the most attractive demographic areas.

TruTrade provides marketing with the information needed as to where to focus their efforts as well as where you are under penetrating.

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