Who is not shopping at your center? Why?

CenterMAX™ – Trade Area Study?

  • Arm your leasing team with consumer and market data that will result in more lucrative and powerful meetings with prospective retailers.
  • Knowledgeably answer these key questions:
    • How can we attract more shoppers – and more of “the right” shoppers?
    • What attributes will position our center most strongly and what can we do to differentiate it from the competition?
    • Is our center meeting the needs/wants of the trade area?
  • ?Quantify your shopping center’s competitive strengths and weaknesses, the current shopping frequency of trade area residents and their reasons for visiting your center, and up to nine other competitive locations.
  • Learn which types of media will most effectively reach the productive shoppers in your market.
  • Gain insights into the types of retailers, restaurants, entertainment venues and events that will attract productive shoppers to your center.


Trade Area Study Photo



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