TruTrade is an analytics platform coupled with Babbage consulting services that analyzes billions of journeys per year. We see where a consumer is in the world based on their mobile phone – a device carried by almost every economically productive consumer – as they leave “breadcrumbs” in the networks based on their movements each day.

We see consumers on every network (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile etc.) and every type of smartphone (iPhone, Android, Windows etc.).

TruTrade is a cloud-based, data analytics, visualization and reporting system that tells you:

  • Who is your customer?
  • Where they live and work.
  • How frequently they visit your property, and how long they stay.
  • Where else they visit…and much more.

TruTrade requires no equipment installation, no waiting for data to collect, no technical staff to understand its intricacies. It comes with consulting expertise to help you immediately turn the insights into tools you can use in asset management, leasing, marketing, development and operations.

With TruTrade you will learn who visited your property in the past, where they live and who they are. You also can see this information for your competitors and peers.


TruSite is a tool to create, store, and organize geofences and attributes for sites – destinations, shopping centers, etc. It makes the process of geofencing streamlined and replicable. The user can visualize the geofences for sites and get information for the site, such as what type of site it is. It also allows the user to search for similar sites by type. TruSite allows us to accurately compile lists of comparison sites and accomplish this quickly to respond to client needs.


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