TruTrade® is an analytics platform coupled with Babbage consulting services that analyzes massive mobile data covering billions of journeys per year. We see where a consumer is in the world based on their mobile phone – a device carried by almost every economically productive consumer – as they leave “breadcrumbs” in the networks based on their movements each day.

We see consumers on every network (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, wi-fi etc.) and every type of smartphone (iPhone, Android, Windows, etc.)  We see devices within an accuracy of 10 feet and have artificial intelligence and data cleansing routines that eliminate the “noise” in a large data set.  You can be sure the insights delivered by TruTrade® are based on the most robust data and precise processes, refined over time and proven with some of the largest companies in the world.

TruTrade®  is a cloud-based, data analytics, visualization and reporting system that tells you:

  • Who is your customer?
  • Where they live and work.
  • How frequently they visit your property, and how long they stay.
  • Where else they visit…and much more.

TruTrade® requires no equipment installation, no waiting for data to collect, no technical staff to understand its intricacies.

TruTrade® comes with success consulting to help you immediately turn the insights into tools you can use in management, leasing, marketing, development and operations.

It takes more than just massive mobile data to achieve results.  If you want to know who visited your property, you must have accurate geofences – the boundaries that determine if a mobile device was actually on-site at your center.

Others may set location using an inferred geofence, or a radius around a central pin.  Many of our clients operate assets in dense urban environments where a 100-foot error in the geofence will detect devices that were at your competitor, or in the street passing by, but not actually visiting your property.  

Babbage has built a database of more than five million locations – or points of interest (POI).  Our cartographers have reviewed and analyzed geofences around all significant retail destinations in the world and, before we present TruTrade data, we confirm with you that the geofence reflects the real-world situation at your property.  In geofences and massive mobile data, it’s truly a case of garbage in, garbage out. 

TruSite™ is a tool developed by Babbage to create, store, and organize geofences and attributes for sites – destinations, shopping centers, etc. It makes the process of verifying a geofence streamlined and replicable. TruSite allows us to accurately compile lists sites and accommodate different applications of the technology to respond quickly to client needs.

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